When you are broke but still want to drink wine…

So, your tastes and your bank account don’t seem to really jive? You have more wants than George Washingtons (sorry, but I couldn’t come up with a loonie link). You still like finer wine but your debit card says you need to stick to ramen and ice cubes.

Sigh, me too.

I really do wish I could be sipping $25 bottles of wine on Wednesdays. Or, pop out for drinks on Friday and pay more for a glass than I do for a bottle. Alas, that is not how I roll.

So, you have little extra cha-ching but you don;t want to drink junk. Good on you! Me either. So, I do have four labels that I think you can rely on, that are good, good value!

These four wineries deliver consistently across their varietals and are drinkable for even the most discerning wine lovers that watch the bottom line as much as the grape vine. Ready? Write these down…

Cono Sur… This is just good wine. I’ve never had a bad one yet. It is ridiculously affordable and very drinkable.

Cono-Sur-Bicicleta-Viognier-640x640.pngWayne Gretzky.. This is a little pricier but it always delivers. And I have never found another ‘celebrity endorsed’ wine that I liked. Period. This one wins all the games!

wgFinca Los Primos.. Again, great wine that is well priced and consistently delivers. Made for the new-world wine drinker, you can’t go wron


Jacob’s Creek… These wines run sweet but are well priced and if you are new to wine, or like barefoot or naked grape wines, you will like these too!


So, there you have it. Bookmark this post and open it the next time you are at the liquor store! If you lack the funds to go on a high-falutin’ hoe down but still want to be swanky this weekend, give one of these a spin!

Happy sipping!




wine of the year – runner up

Coming in second means you are just the first loser… really. But, that may be my perfectionism talking.

I love our runner-up of the year!! It’s one of my favorite wines and it makes a great gift. I was supposed to write this post over a week ago and this little thing called Christmas got in the way. But this is a great day to tell you to go buy this wine for sipping tomorrow night! Ready to know the name of this little beaut??

It’s Jacob’s Creek Moscato!!!


sweet without the tang


sheer awesomeness in a bottle

This wine is the fashizzit. You can buy it for anyone. If your uncle only drinks chianti and blood maybe steer clear for him. But everyone else is gonna love it. I won’t go on and on about it here. If you need more info search it on the blog. There is a review on here from the summer.

Did I mention it would be great to sip on with appies tomorrow night!

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