Review: Evolve 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

There is nothing better than BC wine that has been crafted with care.


You know I love BC Wineries that are working WITH our climate and our soil to make beautiful wines that, with as little manipulation as possible, are a delight to the senses. Some wineries within the Okanagan stand out in this regard. These wineries and winemakers allow the natural flavours of the fruit to shine through, not trying to make the grapes something they aren’t.

Evolve Cellars is an example of this style of winemaking. Without a doubt, this winery needs to be on your must-visit list this year.

With the most stunning view you’ll see all season, a beautiful tasting room and restaurant and a great selection of well priced wines, you won’t want to miss this gem.

Evolve makes clean, crisp, fresh and clear wines. There is no pretention here. No smoke and mirrors. This is just lovely wine. It takes some bravery to use a light touch and allow nature to guide you in your craft.

Their 2016 SAUVIGNON BLANC is a perfect example of this type of craftsmanship. It’s bright and lively, fruity and clean. It’s warm hue hints at the depth of the fruit. With tropical notes on the nose and a nectarine or peachy flavour, it’s a fantastic patio wine.


But, it gets better than that. It’s medium body means you can have it with your dinner as well. It has some weight to it and a good finish, so it won’t be lost on barbecued meals and creamy salads. This is a perfect wine to purchase if you are a red drinker but need a white for your guests. Whatever foods you would throw your red wine at, a white drinker could use this wine with.

You’ll appreciate the very ‘Best of BC’ style of this beautiful vineyard. You can purchase this wine locally, but if you can manage to visit their wine shop in Summerland to stock up you won’t regret it.

Find out more at: Evolve Cellars

Wine: Evolve 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

Price: $17

Where to purchase: Save On Foods, Winery

Score: 4.5/6

Takeaways: Good weight, clean fruity finish, great value


Comfort Wine.. In a white, no less!

If you have been reading along even sporadically you probably know I am struggling with a go-to white wine.

I’m not a big ‘special occasion’ wine drinker. Well, probably I am, but I don’t worry too much about which wine I will choose for a special occasion because I like lots of wines I can’t really afford. Buying any one of them makes for a special occasion. Maybe I am cheap… I should sit and think about that over a glass of wine.

Anyways, I have really struggled to find a regular old white wine I can comfortably afford to drink on a Tuesday and actually really like.

Ta Da!! I have found the holy grail of white table wines! Meet…


Cono Sur Bicicleta 2014 Viognier. This is some good, good squished up grapes.

First, I just love these wines. Cono Sur has been making stand-up wine for a long time. You can’t go wrong with these wines, really. They are all a good value and well suited to a new-world wine drinker. Second, viognier is a solid-ass grape that is under-recognized. You should try lots of these wines this year. Make it your go-to sample wine when you explore wineries and tastings! Then, compare it to some pinot blanc. That’s another unsung hero in BC wine.

Back to Tuesday night. This is a great table wine. I wish table wine was $7 a bottle in BC but alas, we have far too many levels of government for that. However, this is cheap. Like, around $10-$12 a bottle. So, stock up and keep it chilled for when you barely made it through the work day!

Hooray for you, super hero! Here’s to Tuesday!


how to start a wine club – ktw

Here is the link to the Kamloops This Week article on starting your own wine club!

Kamloops This Week – Wine Club

Review – Larch Hills Marechal Foch

Oh, this wine…

When I review a wine I like to try it at least twice before I make a decision.

So, this bottle got cracked with dinner last night, then, so I could really be sure I was right about it, I poured half a glass to have with lunch. Working from home is so rough.

This particular red, the 2015 Reserve Marechal Foch from Larch Hills Winery, scored big last night.

It was beautiful from the second we poured it. The deep, dark, inky colour of this wine is captivating. Rich and vibrant, it’s a harvest season wine for sure. It is a warm purple with hints of burgundy. How delicious does that sound?

It smells divine. You can tell this wine is chock full of fruit just by smelling it. Black, smokey, full bodied and ripe fruits are just a sip away.

For our roast beef dinner with lots of thick, dark gravy this wine was a great match. We found it full and dense. The flavour is almost concentrated. It’s chewy and up front. It’s full of rich, dark fruits and just a hint of smokey oak. They don’t let on much about their process but these are old-vine grapes and that shows in the tasting.

I make notes on the bottles of all the wines I buy, because I have a terrible memory and need help if I don’t drink the wine within a week. On this bottle I wrote Kevin (who likes heavier, oakier wines than me) beef, dinner and smooth. I also wrote $15.49. That’s a crazy cheap price for a reserve bottle.


Now, on to today. This wine showed a few weaknesses when left to stand on it’s own. First, it’s a little on the sweet side. We thought that last night as well but it had enough flavour to get along well with our roast beef so we overlooked it. But it is a little sweet to pair with just anything. It’s also a quick wine. By that I mean it’s fruity up front, in the middle and at the end and there is nothing else in between. For a new wine it is quite smooth. But it lacks the complexity that would make you slowly sip it and savour your experience. It has a hint of a dry finish. That’s probably not the right wording… but you do get a little oak at the end. If I had to sum up this wine in one word I would say ‘concentrated’ would do it nicely.

So, who is this wine for? Do you like Bodacious? Buy this. It’s way better. Do you like red wines that are fruity but don’t leave your tongue fuzzy? Buy this wine. Do you want to buy a good value wine and hang on to it a bit to see if it gets better? Buy this wine. I bet this bottle would have been very different if I had waited a year to open it. Do you like Gamay Noir? Buy this wine.

It’s still a great deal at $15.49 and would be great to hang on to. And it’s not just for fall and winter. I think it would be great with a cheese plate. Just be prepared for a sweeter wine and buy yourself some strong cheese.

Summary – 4.5/6 Strong, fruity and bold. Good value and may improve a lot with age.

Warning – if it’s the fruitiness you are after, don’t age it to long. That’s the first thing to go when you sit on a wine.


a little price throw down.. save on vs bcl

I was curious to see how the prices at Save On compared to the BC Liquor store.Will having another wine retailer change the price of the BC VQA wine we can purchase here in Kamloops?

So, being curious, capable and a bit sneaky, I set out today to do a little spy work. And what I found was surprising!

I checked five BC VQA wines at random at the Signature Liquor Store in Sahali. Then, I walked across the parking lot and checked the same five wines at Save-On.

Here are my results. I have laid them out very professionally and using high tech methods, as you can see…

See? Super flashy, right? The pictures are from the Government store and the fancy, orange writing are the prices at Save On Foods today. The skinny of it is that in all but one instance, Save On was cheaper than the liquor store. Both of those prices exclude the tax and bottle deposit.

Will Save On stay cheaper? That remains to be seen. And they always have their case deal on top of these prices.

The verdict? Having another wine retailer is good for Kamloops grape lovers!

Sun Peaks Winter Wine Festival filling up

It’s time to start thinking about what you want to take in at the Sun Peaks Festival!

Grilled Cheese and wine is already sold out…. wahh.


Book before Nov 15th for better pricing and some deals! Sun Peaks Festival

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